Saturday, March 09, 2002

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The festival for Independent Content Producers is running. You are probably there and I am here.

Why I am not at SWSX

I am here as I am building small business networks for my clients. A core part of the modern small business network is Internet access. A lot of my client's vendors are using the internet to facilitate transactions and conduct business.

One of my clients is a bodyshop. They receive insurance claim assignments on the web and can import them into their estimating program, saving time in data entry. They also can upload the estimate, supplement and the images of the repair, for billing and payment.

Historically the Insurers and Repairers have had an adversarial relationship, which has taken years of work to overcome. From misunderstanding the repair process, to disputes over time, compensation for work performed, to payment.

In the bodyshop repair industry this is as significant as CSS is for HTML in the coding world.

This particular industry is an instructive example of cooperation to achieve processes that are transparent and open to both sides, that are mutually beneficial to the parties involved, and to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer whose automobile is being repaired.

Not every insurance company is here yet, nor are the bodyshops, but this is the direction they are moving.

Wireless Networks

There is a growing interest in wireless technology which will reduce dependence on the phone companies, and allow us to not only produce content but also act as our own ISP's in our neighborhoods.

The Corner Internet Network vs. the Cellular Giants
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Source: New York Times Online (reg. required)

Copyright Challenge

FindLaw has a interesting article on the upcoming Eldritch vs Ashcroft case being heard by the Supremes.

THE MOUSE THAT ATE THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: Disney, The Copyright Term Extension Act, And eldred V. Ashcroft
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p i x e l v i e w

Blogging, WebLogs, personal sites are blurring the lines of Journalism.

Online Journalism is a simple concept. Journalism Online.
JD Lasica does both extremely well.

p i x e l v i e w - JD Lasica
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