Wednesday, March 14, 2001

what's hot what's not

Happy Birthday Nick! ! ! ! !

I'm tired, i'm not typing the birthday song. Just assume I did!

Bad Day in computerland

You know that it is gonna be a bad day when you build a box, FDISK, Format and when you re-boot you get this greeting!


It probably just got tired.(note to self-make sure you cut the nytie ends off before setting up software)

I'm Glad I'm tone deaf Department

Salon has an article about how radio stations and 'indie' promoters have the music business in a real grip. I thought that building websites was hard to make a living at. This certainly clears up the confusion about the Monkees and the Promoter built 'boys bands'.

Pay for play
read here - go there

ICANN is there and they still can't. The back door deal with Verisign over the .com, .net and .org registries will really kill the the idea that these folks will be able to run the internet in hotel rooms.
We will need to talk to them.

IT News from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. I live in Phoenix, so I get tomorrows news today.

IT News from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald
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The weekend is probably a lot of fun in Austin, SXSW, Texas. We spent it in our back yard futzing around and teaching our dogs not to eat mana lemur's plants. Hopefully.

Noteworthy Websites

Screen Spirit is a column penned by Douglas Rushkoff. If you don't know who he is , it is probably past time you found out.

Screen Spirit
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Teresa Earnhart Speaks

Where I Draw The Line.
I am an advocate for many things on the web, freedom of speech is among the most treasured. I draw the line a lot further down the road than most folks.
I have discovered where that line is. In an emotional appeal by Teresa Earnhart, she is asking that people stop trying to acquire the autopsy photographs of her husband Dale Earnhart.
Do you really believe that we need this? I don't.
I urge you to use the links at the bottom of her statement and support her.

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Tuesday March 13, 2001

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