Friday, March 15, 2002

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An Apology and A Spanking

The Apology

I have posted a new p i x e l v i e w every week until recently. There has not been a new one for a month. For that I apologize.

p i x e l v i e w is a section of my website I created to ask a diverse group of folks I admire and who I have met online questions about their participation on the web. The questions I ask are the same, the answers are theirs, without editing other than the odd spelling correction, of which there are few. I was surprised by the traffic it generated and the uptake by the web community.

Part of the interviews are the links I post to their writings, interviews, and in some cases books. The hyperlink is the most significant contribution and important part of a website. It allows everybody to create a journey of discovery to the vast resources available across the web.

This week's p i x e l v i e w features Dan Gillmor, one of the most significant journalist's writing about technology and the web. Which leads to...

The Spanking

Dan Gillmor works for the San Jose Mercury News, which has hosted his ejournal for a number of years, where I first met Dan. It is part of the Knight Ridder Media Group.

Knight Ridder may be successful in the print world but doesn't know shit about the web. They redesigned their properties and broke every link to every site they control. The most popular page across their network is the 404 File Not found page.

Then they chopped up the sites so that articles only go back 90 days. Which broke a lot of links from a lot of sites. Actually I have 108 links in my news section alone. I know that I have this many because I have changed them all. I just don't know if I will post these changes.

I have decided that I will not post these changes. Instead I will make a link to an expanded rant on how pound foolish this was.

In addition to the above mentioned screwups every page serves up 7 ads, which if you use banner blockers or a Hosts file, disables the back button of your browser. In some circles this is called 'Click Theft',

Screenshot of dan gillmor's page 02/12/2002

Cookies galore and every cheap trick to try pump up ad revenue for Knight Ridder.

Despite these revolting tactics to control the web, Dan Gillmore was kind enough to answer our questions, so here is the current p i x e l v i e w.

p i x e l v i e w

Dan Gillmor is a Journalist who writes about technology.
He looks beyond the handout to the issues that affect users on and off the web.

Dan Gillmor is probably the Best of Breed.

p i x e l v i e w - Dan Gillmor
read here - go there

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