Saturday, March 17, 2001

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Copyright Violations

The stickest of the internet issues facing artists, musicians and writers is copyright violations and intellectual property theft. As you are reading this you could be guilty of copyright violations as my words are my intellectual property, this web page is a tangible form, it is protected by International copyright laws, and you have this not only in front of you on the screen but also a copy of this cached on your harddrive. Don't worry I'm not gonna sue you.

Instead , go here, read this, and send money.


I get a lot of magazines. 17 at last count. I actually signed up for 2 of them. But being an "Industry Professional" has it's rewards. (the other 15) I scan these things as soon as they come in, because if I don't the pile becomes unmanagable real quick. I also receive a lot of snail mail from the companies that the magazine and maillist companies sell my name to, so I am a rainmaker for marketeers. Imagine my gratitude.

A lot of the recent Internet News has been covering the crash and burn.

This is not important. Don't start flaming me yet.

One of the selling points of the web is that you can publish once and be done with it. One of the issues that has not been examined is the savings realized using the internet for communication. I recently had a need to get some information on Cisco Routers for a job I am doing. I went to the local Cisco office and had a very productive session with a tech. When I asked if they had a handbook, he brought a spiral bound manual printed in 1999.

He said that they published almost all of their information on the web, primarily as it was the fastest method of publication, the easiest to revise, and the best way to help their customers.

Metafilter is 2 years old!

The beat goes on and on and on. . . . . . . . . . .

In a story posted on Wired, the RIAA is behind the copyright 8-ball they put Napster behind. I am really glad that I code in silence. The laughter you hear is Frank Zappa...

Record Industry Plays Both Sides
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A List Apart

A new issue for your viewing pleasure. This week SMIL: a new markup for webdesigners and an encore presentation on how to be Soopa Famous

A List Apart - For People who build Websites
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Noteworthy Websites

Digital-Web Magazine has a new Issue online.

Digital-Web Magazine
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Screen Spirit is a column penned by Douglas Rushkoff. If you don't know who he is , it is probably past time you found out.

Screen Spirit
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