Monday, March 19, 2001

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Electronic Democracy

A study has come out that reports that your congressional representives are not reading their e-mail. Surprised? Don't be. These people are politicians. Unless you gave them a significant amount of money, you dropped of their radar the day the votes were counted. They have since contacted you for another bump for the next election by now I'll bet.

E-mail Overload in Congress Managing a Communications Crisis
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There are a couple of significant findings that require examination.

"An office may need to invest $50,000 or more - a significant portion of its budget - in hardware and software."

This one is absurd. The money needed can be taken out of their Postage Budget.

"Citizens must recognize that congressional offices are not and cannot be capable of responding electronically to every American."

This one also can be worked around. I am working on a proposal for a project to address these issues, so that electronic response is the preferred method of communication for enfranchising the electorate. (you know the people who Vote in the booths)

Congressional offices struggle with growing amount of e-mail
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Source: CNN
Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials
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Source: ACLU

The Garden Project
Gonna be a farmer again. grow veggies and stuff. grapes are in, herbs are growing.

The Garden Project - The fence is up the gate is in.

The vine on the lattice is a Wisteria. Purple flowers if it blooms this year.

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