Tuesday, March 20, 2001

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Rolling Blackouts

There not just for California anymore. I have been having problems maintaining and updating sites from Arizona. It's not just the connection from your computer, but the switches and routers that plug into the wall. No power No packets. A friend in California has the rolling blackout problem. She couldn't get her files uploaded. to the clients server. She did have email, so she was able to zip em and ship em over. We were happy to load them up for her. Site is up, waiting on the DNS record changes to make the client a happy camper. No link. A gentlemen never tells.

Driving Banner Ads off a Cliff Department

The party is over. Websites that designed their business model around Advertiser Support with Banner Ads of any sort from buttons to the skyscraper, including the devil spawn Rich Media Pop Up ads are dying.

I have long been a proponent of your website being your internet advertising vehicle.
[1] [2] It's how I make a living. Cookie free too!

This in from one of those Internet Brands.

"Starting next month, for a $30 annual subscription, we will begin offering readers a special service, Salon Premium, that will include not only all the regular Salon fare but additional "bonus" features available only to subscribers. Premium subscribers will be able to view Salon without banner or "pop-up" ads. Over time we will add additional features, like an easy-printout download."
Announcing Salon Premium
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Net Taxation is an evil thing. Citizens Against Government Waste has a compelling argument. There are other ones as well.

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Noteworthy Websites


Congressional offices struggle with growing amount of e-mail
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Source: CNN
Tips on Writing to Your Elected Officials
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Source: ACLU

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