Friday, March 23, 2001

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Vaporware Marketing Department

In a surprising development from Redmond, the Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview site has been discovered! Before you rush over to screw up your computer, be advised that this is vaporware at it's finest. No Software, No Marketing, Cookies everwhere, and the bug reporting form. This may represent a major policy shift at the company that provides so much income for people to fix computers using Windows and MS products.

(Let's get the Public to test it, they'll believe anything.)

(hat tip to the Register)

Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview
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Crank up the Volume Department

Yesterday, we noted that Courtney Love is taking her case to court.

Doc Searls has posted An open letter to recording artists from Courtney Love

In the short term, this case is about her, in the long term, this is about the rights of recording artists everywhere to receive fair compensation for their work. She notes that the Recording Industry has a 95% failure rate.

An open letter to recording artists from Courtney Love
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Courtney Love Seeks to Rock Record Labels' Contract Policy
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The Internet is allowing us to show everyone that the Emperor has no clothes. It is allowing us to shine lights into dark corners of human experience and illuminate what we find. The Music Industry is getting the spotlight. Courtney Love has a mission.

A List Apart
Three big stories are waiting for you in this week's issue of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites: SELECTING PROFESSIONALS—Kramer helps you build your own web agency. DECLINATION OF INDEPENDENCE—Oelling, Holsten, and Krisher discuss trendiness and innovation in design. INSTANT WAP—A List Apart goes wireless without changing a line of markup. Your site can, too!
A List Apart
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