Friday, March 30, 2001

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The week in review

This week was taken up with making a mistake. One of the rules that I have made, simply states that Thou shalt not upgrade client machines.

Saying No to clients is the fastest way to start looking for a new job. Saying Yes is fraught with peril.

Once you open a box and kill all the dust bunnies inside, the problems begin. SIMMS, DIMMS, PCI, ISA, AGP. The Slots on the board will dictate the direction. If the system is older than two years, and was not bleeding edge, finding parts outside of swap meets is nearly impossible.

One of my friends and clients needed to have a machine fixed. This machine contained his Business and Financial Applications. Not the sort of thing one wants to have crash the evening before payroll.

Bringing this machine back from the dead required a number of components that are only found on the clearance racks of parts stores, if they are available at all.

The rebuilt machine worked for about a week before it became unstable. By themselves the applications were within the minimum recommended hardware requirements. These software packages generally work well by themselves, but soon overwhelm computers as the nature of every package wants to be the star and use all the memory and resources available.

When you try to run two or more of these packages, things slow down and the point of using computers for your business, becomes lost in a fog of conflicting statements regarding what is going wrong. Hardware, software, hardware, software. In this case, it was a combination of both, hardware, not enough, Software, resource intensive.

The problems arrive as vendors in the form of salesmen, sell businesses more software for their businesses that will run within the minimum recommended hardware requirements. Most salesmen are vendor specific. Most business want to buy a solution. The last thing they want to do is to become a programmer or a hardware mechanic. It is one of the reasons that we do hardware, networks as well as web design.

Money for Stuff

Money for Stuff. The sweet siren song of commerce. Business is the activity of exchanging money for stuff. The two vital components for this activity are stuff for sale and buyers. As a business you want to sell me stuff. As a consumer I want to buy stuff. When I need stuff, I will get the money you need, and we can do business. Maybe.

Being a function over form sort of consumer, when I come with money, I am leaving with my stuff. End of Story, Bottom Line, Final Answer.

Our washing machine died. With the week being consumed with making money for stuff, last night was the time to buy a new washing machine. We called three large appliance stores and asked, "If we came to buy, could we leave with our stuff"? Contestant Number 1 said No, But we will Deliver. Contestant Number 2 said, No, but you can give us the money and go to our warehouse and pick it up if it is in stock.

Contestant Number 3 said Yes. Cornforth's Home and Auto Appliances got my money. We drove over, made our selection, gave them money, loaded up and came home.

When we opened the box, we discovered what was in the box was not what we bought. We called Gary, who said whoops, my mistake. I will be right over with the right one. 30 Minutes late Gary drove up with our new washer, corrected paperwork, and sent in the warranty registration card.

They will get all of my money for all of my appliance needs. If you need appliances in the Phoenix, Arizona area you need to go to Cornforth's.

Weekend Reading

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