Sunday, March 31, 2002

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A fully CBDTPA-compliant world

A link from Doc Searl's site sent me to David Weinberger's site, which landed me at Jeremy Bowser's site. This is how the Internet works and will probably be illegal it the CBDTPA is passed and enforced properly.

One of the hardest things about legislation to get across is how it will affect you. The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Act is not about Broadband or Digital Television. It is about corporate welfare and regulating innovation by the computer industry by mandating government controls (regulating what the computer industry can build and what it must do)on devices used in personal computers to control your use of your property. It is not just about Censorship, It is not just about your freedom of speech, It is not just about what you can and cannot do with your computer. It goes far beyond that.

Jeremy Bowers put together a scenario of what this means to you as a person working in your job. I believe that it is a clear and important enough explanation to seek permission to reprint it which he was gracious enough to give.

The CBDTPA Is Immune to (Conventional) Criticism
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Source: Jeremy Bowers

By now I hope that you can understand just how evil this legislation is and contacting your legislators and telling them that.

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