Thursday, May 03, 2001

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Time to turn off the music

ASCAP Trashes Girl Scouts

In a story posted here, the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) has informed camps nationwide that they must pay license fees to use any of the four million copyrighted songs written or published by Ascap's 68,000 members.

"They buy paper, twine and glue for their crafts -- they can pay for the music, too," says John Lo Frumento, Ascap's chief operating officer.
Source: South Coast Today - Standard Times
The birds may sing, but campers can't unless they pay up

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Atta Boy, John! Let's expand the reach of your little empire.

oh, i wish i was a major music mogul
that is what I really want to be,
for if i were a major music mogul
i could spy on your activities

cookies on your harddrive
information sent to me
lawsuits in your mailbox
labels filled with glee

oh, i'm glad i'm not a major music mogul
because it's really plain to see
cause a major music mogul
suffers from verbal insanity

No , I'm not a songwriter, but you oughta get the point

What exactly is it with music moguls anyway? Is there something in the music nobody else hears? They rip off the artists, [1] [2], They rip off the public, (see consent decree below), they cry about cheaper, faster, distribution methods, [3] [4], when they do have what they think is a victory, they cry there too. [5]

Record Companies Settle FTC Charges of Restraining Competition in CD Music Market


Whoever thinks that work is a pleasure can certainly  have a hell of a lot of fun in this organization

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