Friday, May 04, 2001

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A List Apart

This week Zeldman takes a look at some of the peculiar behaviours of web designers.

Circle Jerks
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Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

A recent talk given by Craig Mundie of Microsoft entitled The Commercial Software Model presents Microsoft's case for business the Microsoft Way.

Yep! this one rates an Opinion:

Closed Source-Open Source
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Weekend Reading

Open Secrets
Dylan Tweney just put up a good essay on privacy.

"The state of privacy on the Internet is almost as confused as the state of online copyright. Actually, it's worse. Copyright law has only begun to feel the foundation-shattering effects of Internet technology (of which Napster is merely the first wave). But copyright, at least, has at least several hundred years of solid legal and cultural precedent to fall back on, even if that precedent continues to be eroded or modified."
Open Secrets
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hat tip : Doc Searls

Preventing Content from Being Napsterized
Digital Rights Management. One of the current topics on the internet is the protection of Intellectual Property. Your thoughts, your images, your photos. A good overview of current technologies is below

Preventing Content from Being Napsterized
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More fear uncertainty and doubt from redmond

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