Friday, May 11, 2001

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A List Apart - for people who make websites

"THE CASCADING STYLE SHEETS standard includes seven font-size keywords intended to give designers a simple means of setting font sizes without creating accessibility problems."

Todd Fahrner shows us how it works in the real world.

Size Matters
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The 5k

the mission: to create a site in under 5K.

"The idea behind the contest is that the rigid constraints of designing for the web are what force us to get truly creative. Between servers and bandwidth, clients and users, HTML and the DOM, browsers and platforms, our conscience and our ego, we're left in a very small space to find highly optimal solutions. Since the space we have to explore is so small, we have to look harder, get more creative; and that's what makes it all interesting. Just celebrating that is all."

and the winners are....

2001 5k
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Another look at Copyright

This was originally published as a printed version in the Educom Review, 32:1 (January/February 1997)

Someone who asks, "How do we keep people from stealing food?" is asking you to consider only his side of the issue, without addressing underlying problems. But it might be sensible to ask another question in reply. If we ask, "How can the people obtain food?", perhaps both problems can be solved together.
That is how I see the issue of copyright in digital media. Those who merely ask, "How do we prevent copyright infringement?" are only asking the first question without addressing the second. There is a hunger for the re-use of media. If we can find a legitimate way to feed this hunger, then perhaps the stealing will not be necessary.
Today's central controversy seems to be the question of how to manage copyright and royalty on the sale of digital content.
The standard question has been, "How do we prevent infringement?" If we re-frame the question as "How can we allow re-use?", the solution may be simpler and more powerful than everyone thinks, with benefits for everyone.
Transcopyright: Pre-Permission for Virtual Republishing
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Free Office Suite

One of the problems with Microsoft Windowsis the constant code forking of their products. An example of this is the Microsoft Office. As new versions come online, they supply converters forward, meaning that you can convert your documents to the 'new' format, but unless you have a copy in the original format, creating a duplication of files on your harddrive, your 'new' documents cannot be shared with folks running a previous version of these products.

Seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office is a must today. 602Pro PC SUITE 2000 is composed of three components: 602Text (word processor), 602Tab (spreadsheet) and 602Photo (graphic editor). 602Text is a powerful word processor compatible with Microsoft Word (.DOC 9x/2000) and many other document file types. 602Tab is a Microsoft Excel (.XLS 9x/2000) compatible spreadsheet with over 150 available functions. 602Photo is a graphics editor designed for digital camera and scanner image editing with support for over 15 graphic formats.

Here is a free solution that will lower the cost of computing for you.

602Pro PC SUITE 2000
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Digital Daily

First tomato
first tomato
the chlorophyl saga continues

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