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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

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Home Improvement

In the quest to nest, one's homestead becomes an object of obsession as time goes on. I should know better as I spent years as a carpenter and remodeler, prior to moving to Phoenix and ending up in front of a keyboard.

Geeks as a general rule don't do home improvement. One of the big reasons is the disruption and dust. Oh Yeah! It gets bad. However one perseveres.

The latest project at casa lemurzone is the replacement of the roof on the addition that was here when we bought the place. Simple eh? call a roofer, get a quote, get a roof. Not so fast. The only way you get enough storage space is to buy another house, add to yours or create it.

The roof is in bad shape and is going to be replaced with a foam roofing system

When the previous owners added the addition, they had the roof built with a cut out for growth of the chinaberry tree which is doing just fine. Well we need that space for lawn and garden equipment. So I will strap on the toolbelt and create more storage. The first part will be the footing for the walls to support the roof rafters so that the roofers can do the whole thing in one shot.

Clearing the patio bricks for the footing
Clearing the patio bricks for the footing
Another view
Another view with some of my supervisors.

Hiding Content [Posted] 12/11/02

One of the re-occurring themes that appear on design lists is 'hiding content', or making one's code invisible. Most of the solutions just don't work. The internet is not about hiding stuff. But in the interest of fairness I can offer a proven method of hiding content.

p i x e l v i e w

Mitch Ratcliffe is definitely an other. The 21st century holds the promise of rich multimedia across the web. Mitch was blazing this trail in the 20th century. From code to finance.

p i x e l v i e w - behind the screen with Mitch Ratcliffe
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