Monday, May 21, 2001

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Faith and Lemonade

Kaycee, the 19 year old girl whose blog about her life and death with cancer is a lie.

Randall has cut Kaycee's blog off the web. This is his choice. He feels cheated and violated, his faith is in tatters. His recounting of how he started and how it ends is told here.

I understand Randall's decision. I don't agree with it. I would repost it. Why?

Faith and Lemonade
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ONE YEAR OF SHEEP Happy Birthday to you, LMichelle!!

After posting the news on Saturday, I had a need. A little Zeldman! I needed to read. Taking your talent to the Web. I waited with anticipation as the book went through the various stages from contract, through writing, to edits, to publication announcement, to non-availability to In Stores Now!

I jumped in my truck and drove to Bookstar. Not on the New Releases Shelf, not on the New Releases table, Not in any of the sections, marketing, design, web, internet, business. Nada Zip Zilch. It's on Order, they said.

Borders Books and Music, same deal. Nada Zip Zilch. Their computers were down, so they couldn't tell me if it was on order.

I came home and used the link above. Monday and still no confirmation of my order.... I wait with anticipation.

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