Wednesday, May 23, 2001

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No! Really! I Was Working!! Department

Jeff Clark is a friend of mine. We have never broken bread or pressed the flesh. But make no mistake, he is a friend of mine.
He posted this on his site today. I am posting it here.

I am an ambassador for one of the sites "Kaycee"
supposedly visited frequently. I am doing a search for all sites with links
to her. Remove your Kaycee link please.
read here for further info. Thanks for your cooperation.

Steven Hurwitz
Dell Technical Support

This may account for the downturn in sales at Dell.
I hope steve knows something about tech support. He sure as hell doesn't understand the web, or what you are supposed to be doing on company time.

Other News

"Report says music, book industries to lose billions"
Those Forrester Research are at it again. In a story at Info World the report had this gem;

Consumers have spoken, and they demand access to content by any means necessary, he said. "Neither digital security nor lawsuits will stop Internet theft of content," Scheirer added.
Napster's power stands as an indication of what Forrester terms the "collapse of control." Napster's controversial free music file-sharing service is among the fastest-growing Web sites ever.
"Report says music, book industries to lose billions"
read here - go there

So there you have it. Forrester has spoken. We are thieves and will stop at nothing.

What part of 'it's the internet, the worlds largest copy machine' are these folks not understanding?

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My opinion on the Kaycee situation

Faith and Lemonade
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