Thursday, May 23, 2002

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Your problem is Obvious Department

On a link from Doc, Microsoft is doing it again.

The Washington Post Online posted a story about the panic in Redmond over a report by the Pentagon about software to run our nation.

"Spokesman Jon Murchinson said Microsoft has been talking about how to allow open-source and proprietary software to coexist. "Our goal is to resolve difficult issues that are driving a wedge between the commercial and free software models," he said."

I can solve your problem in 4 words...


I really like it when somebody says something priceless. This deserves preservation.

Our goal is to resolve difficult issues that are driving a wedge between the commercial and free software models

Open-Source Fight Flares At Pentagon Microsoft Lobbies Hard Against Free Software
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"Investigating the world of weblogs: at a Silicon Valley conference, new technology left old-style reporters so far behind that they retired to the bar "

The power of the web to transform reporting is highlighted in this article at the Guardian Online. At the latest O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference, attendees were posting impressions online in near realtime, getting responses and emails and presenting questions posted and email received while the speakers were still onstage.

Time to blog on
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Cut n Paste Journalism

On the other hand we have this gem from Fortune Online. This article was posted after an editorial conference, fact finding, writing, re-writing and the other checks and balances that are used in print publications.

'This Is War'
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Eldred v. Ashcroft - Eldred Legal Defense Fund

Here is where to send money.

"Eldred Legal Defense Fund"
Lawrence Lessig
Stanford Law School
Crown Quadrangle
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA 94305-8610

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