Friday, May 24, 2002

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It's Friday. A New p i x e l v i e w and a new opinion. Shelly Powers is a blogger known as BURNINGBIRD. She has managed to get my juices flowing. Yep! it's time for another Opinion.

Shelley Powers wants to be Center of the Universe

I have written about Shelley before. She was the person who wrote an article at about stifling innovation. She was bitchslapping the Web Standards Project. She said:

And challenge your assumption that standards must take precedent over innovation.

You may want to bear that in mind.

This is a multi part opinion.
The First part is about Shelly Powers the Blogger and a recent posting she made. Those that like or respect Shelley Powers will want to skip the first section.

The Second part is a critique of her greeting if she were ever invited to speak at a conference having anything to do with Technology or the Internet.

The Third part is a series of reasons why realtime blogging is not going to go away but will only increase in velocity, utility and ubiquity.

Shelley Powers wants to be Center of the Universe
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First Mickey Mouse, now Winnie the Pooh

Publically traded companies file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Walt Disney is a publically traded company. The Quarterly report is called a 10-Q. In the Section entitled:


In PART II. OTHER INFORMATION, is this discussion of upcoming litigation.

Stephen Slesinger, Inc. v. The Walt Disney Company. In this lawsuit, filed on February 27, 1991 and pending in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the plaintiff claims that a Company subsidiary defrauded it and breached a 1983 licensing agreement with respect to certain Winnie the Pooh properties, by failing to account for and pay royalties on revenues earned from the sale of Winnie the Pooh movies on videocassette and from the exploitation of Winnie the Pooh merchandising rights. The plaintiff seeks damages for the licensee's alleged breaches as well as confirmation of the plaintiff's interpretation of the licensing agreement with respect to future activities. The plaintiff also seeks the right to terminate the agreement on the basis of the alleged past breaches. The Company disputes that the plaintiff is entitled to any damages or other relief of any kind, including termination of the licensing agreement. The claim is currently scheduled for trial in February 2003.
If each of the plaintiff's claims were to be confirmed in a final judgment, damages could total as much as several hundred million dollars and adversely impact the value to the Company of any future exploitation of the licensed rights. However, given the number of outstanding issues and the uncertainty of their ultimate disposition, management is unable to predict the magnitude of any potential determination of the plaintiff's claims.

For the Quarter Ended March 31, 2002

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Source: Securities and Exchange Commission

Nothing in here about 'baseless and without merit' and 'vigorous defense' which are buzzwords in the world of lawsuits indicating that there is no case. Mark your calendars!!

"damages could total as much as several hundred million dollars and adversely impact the value to the Company" A piano falling on your head could adversely your ability to walk too.

Remember the Disney Company was the lead campaign contributor in the Copyright Term Extension Act.

p i x e l v i e w

Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks is one of those folks that polarize people. You like him or loathe him. Middle ground is probably not an area you would find him. Disaster is his middle name.
If an asteroid were to hit the earth, it would hit Eric Brooks' House.
It wouldn't stop him or slow him down.

p i x e l v i e w - Eric Brooks
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