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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

what's hot what's not

Construction continues apace

The framing for the tool shed is complete. This gets rid of the oddball angle so the roofers can just blow and go.

Framing is done. and the sheathing goes up tomorrow

Now there is a place for all of the lawn and garden implements we have acquired living in the desert.

Upgrade and Unplug

Once again Microsoft has turned users into guinea pigs. Windows XP users are the latest victims of Redmonds demonstration that the lights remain out at Microsoft's testing labs. This update was supposed to fix security problems.On one level it worked, Install it, and it disconnects you from the Internet. Forbes Online has this tasty bit:

''But after releasing the update on May 21, Microsoft discovered it was incompatible with other security firewall software used to protect home computers from attacks over the Internet.''

It's hard to get infected from the internet if you can't get there.

Microsoft pulls update for Windows
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Source: Forbes Online

Dave Winer advocates The End of Civilization if we don't pay for software.

Dave Winer is wondering who will pay for software. He is advocating the end of civilization if we don't pay up. It is time for a reality check. We know how you feel about Microsoft, yet Radio, your last product only runs on Microsoft OS's and in it's browser.

This is one of the choice nuggets:
And if you pay $10 or $20 to use a piece of software, the software isn't paid for if the software isn't generating enough money to be fully supported or developed. My first question would be, Why the hell are you shipping something out the door which is neither developed or supported?

Well at 40 bucks in the case of Radio, your not getting it either.

''When I say there's no money for software, that's not a literal statement, btw. Sure there is some money. When you buy a new computer you probably pay a few hundred dollars for software, most of it going to Microsoft. So they've figured out how to get money to flow. And if you pay $10 or $20 to use a piece of software, the software isn't paid for if the software isn't generating enough money to be fully supported or developed. You can certainly feel good about giving the money, but you're probably not going to get what you want or think you deserve in the way of support or upgrades for that kind of money.''

Who will Pay Part 2
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Source: Dave Winer


Hiding Content [Posted] 12/11/02

One of the re-occurring themes that appear on design lists is 'hiding content', or making one's code invisible. Most of the solutions just don't work. The internet is not about hiding stuff. But in the interest of fairness I can offer a proven method of hiding content.

p i x e l v i e w

Mitch Ratcliffe is definitely an other. The 21st century holds the promise of rich multimedia across the web. Mitch was blazing this trail in the 20th century. From code to finance.

p i x e l v i e w - behind the screen with Mitch Ratcliffe
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