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Sunday, November 03, 2002

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Occasionally something I read on the web requires a response. The Washington Post Tech News is a site I visit regularly. Today this article appeared: Europe's Microsoft Alternative - Linux. The Tech News lead read:

Government efforts to use the open-source operating system are likely to become the next force to steal Microsoft's market share.

STEAL? Here is my response to this.


This morning the Washington Post has this story;
Europe's Microsoft Alternative

This is paragraph 4.

"Extremadura is being closely watched by Linux enthusiasts and Microsoft for
how it manages the transition. Such efforts are likely to become the next
front in the battle to steal market share from Microsoft, now that a federal
judge has approved a settlement in its antitrust case in the United States."

Steal Market share?

Such characterizations reveal a Pro Microsoft bias which would do better as
an Opinion Piece than as a news story.

So let see if I am understanding this. If it is not Microsoft then it is
theft? The entire open source community are thieves? If you cannot attach a
dollar amount to it, there must be something wrong with it?

"In Extremadura, the regional government paid a local company $180,000 to
cobble together a set of freely available software."

"Cobble together?

Are your editors out to lunch? Or is bias the normal way to report news?

Let's do the math from your story.  $180,000 bucks divided by the 10,000
desktops running this 'cobbled together' software. This is 18 bucks a
This price per copy will only go down over time as more desktops adopt it.

10,000 desktops running WindowsXP at 99 bucks a copy would cost them
$990,000 thousand dollars. This cost will never go down.

In order to use it past 30 days you must register it. You need an internet
connection or a phone line. How much is a phone call to Redmond Washington
to receive an activation code?

So add the cost of the internet connection/phone call to the Microsoft side
of the ledger. Don't forget to include the 64 critical updates since the
first of this year, and their cost as well.

So this local government just saved its citizens $810,000.00

This of course is a bad thing, as your article points out,

"Somebody might give you a free puppy this afternoon," Smith said, "but
you're going to have to go buy dog food in the morning."

To no longer receive unsolicited comments such as the above, you may
consider renaming your publication 'The Microsoft Tech News Post'. This way
you would eliminate confusion in the market place as a source of balanced
news. This would also give you a little more leverage with Microsoft in your
advertising budget. The you could hire some better writers and editors.
The Microsoft Anti-Trust settlement.

Somebody tell me this is a Halloween Joke.

Dan Gillmor

Just the latest reason why Dan is my favorite Tech Reporter.

Dan Gillmor Shares His 'Insider's View' of Silicon Valley
read here - go there
Source: slashdot.org


It's Time to Stop the Music

I want you to stop buying Commercial Music and going to Movies for six months.
Because if You do not cut off their money they will cut off your Internet access. They have already killed Internet Radio.This is not about the short term pain of your favorite musician, they have already been screwed so royally that it is amazing that you can even recognize them.

It's Time to Stop the Music
read here - go there
Source: the head lemur

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