Sunday, November 11, 2001

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Independents Day

The majority of the websites you see were created by independent developers. Starting tomorrow Nov 12 @ 7:00 AM EST will be a series of articles penned by independent developers, including yours truly.

Independents Day Celebrating the Independent Web

Independents Day Celebrating the Independent Web
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Patently Absurd

If you were wondering why there is no money for expanding the economy and providing jobs, ask business.

Patent litigation alone cost American companies more than $4 billion last year.

Suddenly, 'Idea Wars' Take on a New Global Urgency
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Name that Tune or Haven't we heard This Before?
"This academic study is based on specific laboratory conditions," a spokeswoman said. "In the real world, there are too many physical safeguards and authority protections for such an attack to be successful."

If your guess was Microsoft, You're Wrong! This time it is IBM. Responding to the work of two Cambridge University students who figured out a hack for Bank computers

Students find way to hack into banks
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It doesn't seem that theoretical to me.

Extracting a 3DES key from an IBM 4758
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Source: Richard Clayton

Speaking of Security

Microsoft does it again!

"Microsoft has warned that versions of Internet Explorer can expose consumers' personal data contained within cookies."

IE flaw puts credit card info at risk
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And again!

"Software flaws in the security of Microsoft's Passport authentication system left consumers' financial data wide open, causing the software giant to remove a key service from the Internet to protect people from having their data stolen, a company representative acknowledged Friday."

Microsoft leaves its Wallet wide open
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But it's not Microsofts Fault!! Just ask them.

Itís Time to End Information Anarchy
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Source: Microsoft Tech Net

Current Opinion

No RAND for Me

The web works because HTML is an open system.

The majority of what you see on your screen is written in Hyper Text Markup Language. This language has been carefully created to extend the capabilities of what can be communicated from one computer to another. The source for this is the W3C World Wide Web Consortium.

The W3C holds a special position in our little world. We in concert, without clubs, memberships, secret handshakes, or free mouse pads, have decided to agree on the W3C Recommendations as the stone tablets of our universe of the web. We are here as these 'standards' are non-proprietary, open source, and do not 'belong' to anybody. This means that we have a baseline to begin our exploration and experimentation with what we can get to show up in a browser.


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