Tuesday, October 02, 2001

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Selling Developers down the River

From Zeldman:

In response to worldwide developer protest, W3C has extended the review period on its ill-conceived Patent Policy draft. More at See also Scripting News for insightful comments on W3C's seeming willingness to change from an impartial web standards body to a defender of corporate patents.
Microsoft Buys Web Standards!!

From DaveNet:

The W3C is a consortium of companies of all sizes. My company, UserLand Software, is a member. We agree on a common philosophy -- a level playing field, interoperation between software, and choice for users and developers. That's the foundation that the Web was built on, it's what kept the Web ticking through the dotcom lunacy.
Now several large companies, led by Microsoft, Philips, Apple and Hewlett-Packard, are trying to become the platform vendor that the Internet never had, and imho that's totally counter to the charter for the Internet, and therefore, the W3C.
We may not have the support of the US government in re freedom for developers, but at least we can shame the abusers, force them back into hiding, lest their customers and partners get wind of their greed

Patents and free Internet standards
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Source: DaveNet

If this is passed as proposed, you will buy your web from Microsoft.

What You Can Do

W3C Patent Policy
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HatTip Dave Weiner @ Userland

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