your host, see i don't look crazy...but it is a small picturethe head lemurs workspace

This is for Jeff Clark. He wanted an office with walls and a window. At least he has a cleaning staff.

The nerve center

If you are going to do this for a living you will need a lot of stuff.

My production machine is a handbuilt 900MHZ AMD, 384 Megs of PC133 ram, 2-7200 ATA 100 20GB hardrives, 52xCD-DVD, 8x12x48 CD Burner, 100MB Zip drive, 32 MB video card, set at 1152x864 and 32bit color, 17'' Arcus monitor, modem, 10/100 nic card, some cheap speakers, running Win98 SE. The bios has been bent so it specs out around 1.2 GHZ. There are 4 fans inside this box. Cheap keyboards and a Logitech trackball. I gave up mice a long time ago.

the world headquarters

I edit all my code in Homesite, do all my image work in Micrografx Webtricity V.8, FTP with WS_FTP. Browsers on this machine are IE 5.5 Netscape 6, and Opera.

I own Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, 3D StudioMax, Flash 4, Adobe Illustrator, Net Objects Fusion, Dreamweaver, Front Page 95, 98, 2000 and a bunch of other products folks used to send me. These are in a box somewhere gathering dust.

My current camera is a Fuji FinePix 2400, the most recent scanner is a HP 2100C USB, My printers are for black and white work is a Brother HL-1240 laser jet. My color printing is done with an 80 dollar Epson stylus 777 which produces a magnificent print on photo paper.

This machine is networked to the other machines in my stable. I have a Wireless Broadband connection running through a Netgear Gateway router with Zone Alarm performing Firewall Duty.

Other Machines Part 1

The machine in the forground is a Packard Bell 60MHZ Pentium 1 with 32 mb of ram 450mb harddrive, with a 56K modem, running a 640x48 and 256 colors, IE 4, Netscape 4, Windows 95.

Other Machines

The machine on the ground is a 700MHZ AMD Duron, 256MB PC100 mhz ram, running Red Hat Linux which will be come my webserver when it grows up.

Other Machines Part 2

This is a training workstation 800MHZ AMD, 128 MG Ram, 16 MG video, 800x600 resolution at 16bit color, Zip drive CD-Rom and the usual suspects, IE5.01


Not shown are the two boxes acting as file servers in the corner.

office by others
8/5/01 - Suzn
8/5/01 - Jon Sullivan

What's yours look like?

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