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ASAP A Stand Against Pop-under Ads

The head lemur doesn't like banner ads, smart tags, Gator or X10. Neither does Joe.

Support A Stand Against Pop-under Ads Put one on your site today!

My name is Joe Jenett. As an individual who is sick at heart over the use of Pop-under advertising on the web, I have decided to take a stand. I'll stand alone if I have to, but I have a feeling that many people who live on the web as I do agree that this new type of Internet advertising is invasive, offensive, and downright unfriendly to users.

ASAP A Stand Against Pop-under Ads
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Add My Name to the list Joe!!

A New Customer Service Benchmark

I would like to thank Qwest for buying so many of those Cisco 675 and 678 DSL routers to help spread the Code Red Virus in the Southwest.

Oh yeah, the E-MAIL to your DSL customers was an especially nice touch.
You know the ones who were suffering the 104 minute wait time to find out why their DSL did not work.

----- Original Message -----
From: Customer Support 
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 2:52 AM
Subject: Urgent Code Red Information

> Date 8/10/2001
> To our Valued Qwest DSL Subscriber:
> As you may be aware, the Code Red virus - or worm - is affecting
> computer users worldwide. If you're having trouble connecting to
> the Internet and have a Cisco 675 or 678 modem, it may be a result
> of the Code Red virus. As a valued customer, we want you to know
> that Qwest and Cisco are working around the clock to provide a fix
> to alleviate problems caused by the Code Red virus.  Although it
> hasn't affected all our customers, we're putting all our effort
> into fixing it.
> The virus specifically attacks these modems when they have a
> specific configuration. These modems are small boxes external to
> your computer.  To determine if you have one of these modems, look
> for the word "Cisco" and the numbers "675," "678" printed on the
> top of the modem.
> If you do not have one of these Cisco modems, Code Red virus has not
> affected it, and there is no need to contact Qwest or Cisco.  If you
> do have a Cisco 675, 678 modem, follow the steps listed below to help
> protect your modem from this virus.
> The most common symptom of the Code Red virus is that it freezes the
> modem so it cannot be operated. If your modem is frozen, your first
> step is to reset your modem.  To do this:
>   Unplug the modem from the electrical outlet,
>   Wait a few seconds for the connection to be completely severed,
>   Then plug the modem back in.  This should reset the modem.
> Once you've done those steps, go to: to link to the
> page for step-by-step instructions to help protect your modem from the
> current version of the Code Red virus.  Look for the "code red virus"
> on the web page.
> Qwest is working with Cisco to develop a long-term solution to this
> latest strain of the Code Red virus.  Our number one priority is customer
> service. We recognize that dealing with this virus is frustrating and time
> consuming for our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this has
> caused, and rest assured that we will continue to work with Cisco around
> the clock to combat this virus.  You won't need to contact Qwest or Cisco
> to learn about that solution; we will notify you immediately by mail or on
> our website when the permanent solution is available.
> We regret any inconvenience the Code Red virus may have caused and are
> fully committed to making your use of your equipment as effective,
> efficient and fast as possible.
> Murray Smith
> Vice President of DSL

Gee Murray, What part of owning a phone company and just giving these folks a CALL is so hard to understand?

Exercise Freedom Of Speech! Go to Jail!!

The saga of Dmitry Skyarov has taken a turn for the worse. He has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. He will be the first to be prosecuted under the anti-circumvention section of the Digital Millennium Copy Act.

Sklyarov & Elcomsoft Charged (Aug. 28, 2001)
read here - go there
Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

As is typical in every indictment they have tossed in every charge they could think of. One count of 'conspiracy to traffic', Two counts of 'trafficking in technology primarily designed to circumvent technology that protects a right of a copyright owner', Two counts of 'trafficking in technology marketed for use in circumventing technology that protects a right of a copyright owner'. You and I will probably be next. Discussing anti-circumvention technologies is illegal under the DCMA.

Lawyer Lessig raps new copyright laws
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Steve Champeon points us to an article about MetaData (data about data)

Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia
read here - go there
Source: Web Design-L

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I am a Source Code Thief 09/1/01

My name is the head lemur and I am a recovering Source Code Thief!

I started in 1994 with my first internet connection. Netscape and Internet Explorer gave me the ability to peek behind the scenes. I thought that View Source would take me to the First Page of the Internet. It didn't.


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