Saturday, September 08, 2001

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Welcome to Redmond Rental

The US Justice Department has decided to leave Microsoft as one company. This is good news. I am now guaranteed to be employable for years to come. I will be there to fix your computers when they break. I will be the person who will tell you that you have purchased a product that will require you to do a forklift upgrade for your equipment. I will also be telling you that your choice in software will be limited and what choice remains will get increasing smaller as well as costing you more.

Note to Justice Department:
If you are going to assign a monetary penalty thinking this will stop Microsoft,
$75,000,000,000.00 Seventy Five Billion is a Nice Number. It is not an outrageous number. One estimate puts just the Virus problems at $10.7 Billion this year alone. This does not take into account such mundane issues as; data loss, vunerabilities, repair, incompatibilities, steering, by use of the Windows HCL(which is an issue that was not covered in the trial.) or any number of issues that cause the OS to crash causing no end of greif and cost in repair.

If you are thinking about Windows to run your business consider this

Computer Virus Costs Reach $10.7B This Year
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Source: Washtech Online

These are Windows specific Viruses.

Insurer: Microsoft Is A Costly Choice
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Source: Yahoo News

Business Insurance will be more expensive.

Microsoft.Net--a new monopoly?
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Source: Cnet News Online

Using Windows XP

But here's the kicker: Microsoft has integrated several Passport-enabled services directly into the Windows XP desktop.

Windows XP is the first operating system that will be a rental. Do not be fooled by the box on the shelf. You will not own it. You will be sending Microsoft money every month for the rest of your life. To use the your computer will require you to accept decisions by others and to be locked into them.

One final note: not that there is any connection between the Justice Department Decision and the current administration, but Microsoft gave $4,617,726 to political parties in the last election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

I am moving to Linux. This is not about Microsoft. This is about the ability to use what you bought to produce the things you need to get things done. This is about offering you an alternative both in terms of cost of software and equipment.

More or Less Copyright

I recently wrote a small piece about being a Source Code Thief when I first got connected. You know right click and save as. I did it. You do it. Everybody who has a website has done it. It is our dirty little secret. Jeff Clark points out an upcoming case on copyright.

Do Search Engines Expedite the Theft of Digital Images?
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Source: New York Times Online

Current Opinion

I am a Source Code Thief 09/1/01

My name is the head lemur and I am a recovering Source Code Thief!

I started in 1994 with my first internet connection. Netscape and Internet Explorer gave me the ability to peek behind the scenes. I thought that View Source would take me to the First Page of the Internet. It didn't.


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