Wednesday, September 12, 2001

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Finding Survivors/Confirming the dead

These are 3 websites to leave message for victims/survivors:

The OK list:
read here - go there

The Safe list:
read here - go there

The 911Tragedy list:
read here - go there

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An Act of War

The Terrorist attack of yesterday is an act of war. It is time to loose the dogs of war and eradicate the places where these people hide and bring the guilty to justice.

As we pull the survivors and the dead from the rubble, we need to understand our failure as human beings and determine how to change our system of government to make this event a part of history rather than an event to be repeated.

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I am a Source Code Thief 09/1/01

My name is the head lemur and I am a recovering Source Code Thief!

I started in 1994 with my first internet connection. Netscape and Internet Explorer gave me the ability to peek behind the scenes. I thought that View Source would take me to the First Page of the Internet. It didn't.


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