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Saturday, September 14, 2002

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Free the Mouse Copyfight

The Eldred vs Ashcroft lawsuit is about the insane length of copyright and the depletion of works in the public domain.

The legal brief that Larry Lessig and friends have been working on has been posted. It is Here. It is an excellent piece of work as you can follow along with the argument without being a lawyer. This is significant as it affects everyone on the web who publishes and everyone who is thinking about creating.

Copyright is broken. Not so much the insane length of time currently extended, the type of materials covered, but the Governments breaking the bargain that set up copyright. Registration and Deposit. Authors and Creators were given a Limited Monopoly in exchange for allowing the works to be put in the Public Domain, enriching all of the citizens. The current system is nothing short of a Entertainment Industry Congressional Welfare Program.

We had to Destroy the Village to Save It

Is the current tactic of the RIAA regarding music that is transferred across the Internet. No normal person is against the artist getting paid for their work with the exception of the members of the RIAA. Every consumer electronic device in the last 50 years has been fought by the entertainment industry.

Hello? what part of consumer/customer are they having a problem with.
The part where I paid for It and it's mine.
The Fair Use Part?
The fact that they can't hold me to a recording type contract?


It's Time to Stop the Music

I want you to stop buying Commercial Music and going to Movies for six months.
Because if You do not cut off their money they will cut off your Internet access. They have already killed Internet Radio.This is not about the short term pain of your favorite musician, they have already been screwed so royally that it is amazing that you can even recognize them.

It's Time to Stop the Music
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Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

p i x e l v i e w - Shelley Powers
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