Wednesday, September 19, 2001

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Electronic Terrorism

Virus writers are electronic terrorists.
They are the bin Laden's of the Internet.

The latest entry to make your life miserable is W32.Nimda.A@mm. This is another worm that is targeted toward Microsoft Products. It affects Servers, Websites and your email.

Symantec Security Response has received a number of submissions on W32.Nimda.A@mm and is rating it as a Category 4.
From Symantec:

W32.Nimda.A@mm is a new mass-mailing worm that utilizes multiple methods to spread itself. The worm sends itself out by email, searches for open network shares, attempts to copy itself to unpatched or already vulnerable Microsoft IIS web servers, and is a virus infecting both local files and files on remote network shares.
The worm uses the Unicode Web Traversal exploit. A patch and information regarding this exploit can be found at
When the worm arrives by email, the worm uses a MIME exploit allowing the virus to be executed just by reading or previewing the file. Information and a patch for this exploit can be found at
Users visiting compromised Web servers will be prompted to download an .eml (Outlook Express) email file, which contains the worm as an attachment. This .eml file also uses the aforementioned MIME exploit. Users can disable 'File Download' in their internet security zones to prevent compromise.
Also, the worm will create open network shares on the infected computer, allowing access to the system. During this process the worm creates the guest account with Administrator privileges.

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Source: Symantec Security Response

It is interesting to note that the largest software company in the world seems to have an inability to test their products before selling them. They have the largest group of coders on the planet working on their products. They spend the most money, they have the largest market share, but don't seem to have any body working on product safety. Microsoft needs to have a serious reality check. In any other product with this many defects sold in the United States, a recall would have already have happened and the lawyers would be having a feeding frenzy.

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