Monday, September 24, 2001

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What took you so long Dept.

From C|Net:

With the emergence of the Nimda worm--the latest in a long series to attack Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and other software--Gartner believes it's time for businesses with Web applications to start investigating less vulnerable Web server products.

Commentary: Another worm, more patches
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Source: C|Net News Online

Free Oracle

Responding to the AoA of Sept 11, 2001

Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison wants to create a national identification card system. He will donate the software. His rationale is that what little privacy is left needs to be taken away. Gee thanks Larry.

"But Ellison said in the electronic age, little privacy is left anyway."
"Well, this privacy you're concerned about is largely an illusion," he said. "All you have to give up is your illusions, not any of your privacy. Right now, you can go onto the Internet and get a credit report about your neighbor and find out where your neighbor works, how much they earn and if they had a late mortgage payment and tons of other information."

Oracle boss urges national ID cards, offers free software
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His point is valid, a national ID card would help with nailing down badguys. The flip side of the argument is that the keys to the kingdom are in the hands of Larry Ellison. Not my first choice of a trusted authority, but above Microsoft.


We have the technology. We can build a better world. We need to step up to the plate and determine if we really need monolithic structures for business.

Dan Gillmor makes a case for telecommuting and decentralizing work and life.

Today, there's safety in spreading out
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Source: Dan Gillmor's E Journal

Current Opinion

Terrorism and Responsibility

We have spent over 200 years building a country whose guiding principles are the pursuit of Individual Liberty and Freedom. It is has worked very well. We have become the most powerful nation in the world. We got here by having open borders and welcoming people from other lands come here and become Americans. We got here by being Americans who believe in these principles.


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