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Thursday, September 26, 2002

what's hot what's not

Google News

Google, probably the world's most renowned search engine has entered the news business. It is software driven without any human intervention.

The entire site which updates automatically every 15 minutes, far faster than the sites it is using as sources, having over 4000 sites in its pool of selectees to bring an astonishingly varied variety of news in an elegant and simple format.

The most notable early critic is the news and information director at Yahoo. In a Washington Post story he is quoted as saying;

"News cannot be 100 percent automated and present a meaningful picture of what is happening in the world and in people's lives," said Chris McGill, director of news and information at Yahoo. "It takes humans to decide these are the freshest and most relevant stories."

Google News, Untouched by Human Hands
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Source: washingtonpost.com

The fact that Google News is up and running contradicts his first statement and begs the question for him keeping his job. His second statement contains the ammunition for a receiving a pink slip and contains the most compelling reasoning why Google News will probably become the premier news destination and can become the largest revenue generator in Internet history.

Charging a small fee to continue to spider these news sources is a win-win for Google and is the best money commercial news sites will ever spend. Let me see...4000 x $100 a month = $400,000.00 a month or almost 5 million bucks a year!

Chris McGill is right about one thing, "It takes humans to decide these are the freshest and most relevant stories." This is why Google News is my new home page on all my browsers.
If I was running a news site I would be calling Google and giving them my credit card number right now!

Google News
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Is your IT department worth the money you are spending?

Probably not.

Giant Killing: Microsoft and the Money Men
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Source: the inquirer.net

Musical Sock Puppets

Britany Spears is the latest sock puppet for the recording industry.

Spokeswoman for the RIAA, Hilary Rosen, said, "We want to hit fans with the message that downloading music illegally is, as Britney Spears explains, the same as going into a CD store and stealing the CD."

Good fucking luck! Like that will fly.

Britney spearheads anti web piracy campaign
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Source: theinquirer.net

Microsoft Patch o' the Day

It's the Microsoft VM! It's in your browser. The code that used to be known as JAVA until MS started having 'better ideas' (read proprietary extentions) and Sun slammed the door on the use of the JAVA Code.

Flaw in Microsoft VM JDBC Classes Could Allow Code Execution (Q329077)
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Source: Microsoft

The Register puts this into real speak.

Flaws in Microsoft VM. Fix now
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Source: theregister.co.uk

HOORAY! another day of downloading patches for clients! Hell they just saw me monday.


It's Time to Stop the Music

I want you to stop buying Commercial Music and going to Movies for six months.
Because if You do not cut off their money they will cut off your Internet access. They have already killed Internet Radio.This is not about the short term pain of your favorite musician, they have already been screwed so royally that it is amazing that you can even recognize them.

It's Time to Stop the Music
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Source: the head lemur

p i x e l v i e w

Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

p i x e l v i e w - Shelley Powers
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