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the basics

So, you wanna be a pixel mechanic. It is not too late to reconsider and keep your day job.

I started surfing in 1994, and telnet was king..... Then came Mosaic, the first graphical browser. I knew what my day job was gonna be. I still have a CD of Netscape 2.0 at 79.00 a pop untill they decided to give it away. In November 1997, I became LemurZone Design. The following pages will show what the head lemur considers important, and pass along a few tips, gained with no small amount of blood and pain.

Unlike the other folks that wanna tell you about HTML, CSS, XML, and a veritable word salad of acronyms and abbreviations, I am starting from the ground up. I have already told you that you will be spending a lot of time with your computer.

The most Important part of your environment is your chair...

starting at the beginning
basics tools software work destinations home