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the chair [buttus comfortus]

In the beginning of your career, you will spend an enormous amount in a chair in front of your computer, whether learning how to code, visiting sites to snatch source code, stealing graphics, trying to figure out how they did that, and generally getting sucked into the internet.

Since you are still here, we will start with the basics........
the first item we will examine is your ability to multi-task.

Take your hand off the mouse/keyboard, stand up and step back.
Look at what you are sitting on,
does it look at all like the picture below?

Buttus Comfortus

If not, run or drive and get a chair at least this good. You will need it!

This baby features:
  • 5 dual wheel swivel casters
  • Adjustible Height
  • Backrest height and swivel control
  • A very comfy seat
  • Arm rests that adjust with Positive Stops

This chair was about 150 bucks at Staples. If you would like to know why I will never ever again shop at Office Max, I will tell you.

At a minimum, you will need a chair that adjusts up and down, has adjustable arm rests, and will allow you to lean back when you are suffering pixelblock or are reformatting your harddrive.

Now that you have a chair, let's look at desks

"Hell on wheels" is a phrase coined by a pixel mechanic after 12 hours in a crappy hand-me-down/yard sale special.
basics tools software work destinations home