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the Ultimate Computer Desk

My first desk was a old door, nailed on an old desk. My first computer was a 268 10mhz. trailblazer. As time went by, machines came and went, furniture came and went, and now I would like to share with you the Ultimate Computer Desk.

In a former life, I worked in a architectural millwork company, and learned about cabinets, particle board, plywood, and commercial millwork. There is an amazing amount of crap out there that companies large and small would have you believe are "Computer Desks". Most of the ones you see in stores, have cute little boxes, that look like computer parts, that fit soooo nice. These are designed by designers, and not by people who use computers for a living.

If you are going to do this for a living, your computer desk is the Center of your Universe!

You will be spending a lot of time here, and you will need to have the tools of your art close at hand.

Like everything else, you will get what you pay for, almost. Having spent thousands of dollars on computer furniture, (remember the soundproof booths you could get for the old pin printers?), I have found what I have been looking for.

The UCD is built in Canada by a company called Bestar. I got mine at Price Club. $300.00 and worth every bit of it. This unit was designed by someone who uses computers for a living!

the business end of this desk
the UCD with our mascot...nevermind about the poodle on the other one.
At the back of the unit is a rubber strip, for running cables to keep them off of your desk, and out of your way

6 Feet wide- 7 1/2 Feet deep.
The footprint is 45 square feet.
Solid Construction, Total Production. An Oblique of the UCD with Nothing on it
On the left side of this picture you can see the 2 inch grommet for running printer, monitor, phone and just about any other cable you can think of.
The Lower Drawer will hold a lot of stuff, and comes with adaptors for hanging file folders. (If you do this for a living, you will need a file cabinet. But that part we will save for the work discussion.) It also comes with a lock, for keeping your peanut butter cups safe from "them."

P.S. Get your own stuffed toy. The lemur is Mine.

This is a closeup of the cockpit area of this desk, the keyboard tray is 34'' wide, which is wide enough for your keyboard, trackball, ashtray, or notes and ideas. It is also deep enough for you to use the prop legs on the back of the keyboard and still roll it back below the desk surface.

the center of your universe

It is 42'' across from desktop to desktop. To fully understand what that really means, look at the picture below.

If you are gonna do this for a living, you will need a lot of equipment. Pictured here, are printers, fax machines, scanners, terminals, keyboards, telephones, and towers.

The Nerve center of lemurzone design in Aug. 1999. by the time this is posted, it will have changed and expanded. I did this image in black and white to give it a bit of a tabloid flavor

I build my own machines. I have discovered a number of things about using IBM Compatible/Windows Machines. I will devote a bit of space to things I have learned. (your mileage may vary)

It's time to kill your mouse

absolutely the best computer desk on the planet, and I own TWO!!
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