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destinations aka. Starting Points

To build websites for a living as you have seen, requires you to learn a bunch of stuff you probably haven't thought of. But you do need to see sites to see what is possible, what has been done, and where the web is headed.

The sites I have listed have a high signal to noise ratio. Below is a brief description of what you will find.

To build websites, you need to understand the code. With the browsers in use today, what you code is not what your visitors may see.

Style Guides
These Guides cover Images to Spelling.

Design Lists
We need to talk to each other. From coding to billing, we all can learn new things. The more we learn the more we can share.

This is my list of designers whose work I admire.

These are Bleeding Edge Sites. Make sure you have all your plugins loaded and you have a fast connection or time.

Take me to your Links!

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