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Your keyboard is one of the most personal tools you will need. They range from 5 bucks up. Like your chair, you will spend a lot of time with it, so choose wisely. Be prepared to clean them frequently, with "canned air", and shake the crap out of them.

You can get keyboards with all sorts of crap, and stuff you will probably never use. A keyboard with the Windows key is a real good idea. Sometimes it's the only thing you can use to kill a program, without all your work ending up in the toilet.

Our next section is about tools. If you are only gonna write code,(good luck here) you may not need this. But, if you want to bask in Fame and Glory, have your clients regard you as a Guru, you should have an idea of what's in the box. You may even end up building machines for your clients.
Remember me telling you that you would learn stuff that you think has nothing to do with sitting in front of your screen? Well, here we go.

On to the tools

click, click, click, clack
basics tools software work destinations home