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mouse alternatives

The majority of programs you use and tasks you perform on your computer require a mouse. You can use the keyboard, but most of the instructions for doing this require you to have a mouse first.

Using a mouse, means you need the rodent, and a mousepad. a mousepad is another piece of crap that will get in your way, and the cute picture on it, when you got it, will not be seeing the light of day very long. You will also need a bottle of rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, and a paper clip, to keep your rodent functioning. There is nothing quite like a skipping mouse to ruin your day, when you are trying to touch up an image, and your finger slips on the wrong button, or it falls off the pad, and you watch the image you have spent hours getting just right, disappear in a cloud of pixels.

You can do better.

The solution is a trackball. It stays in one place, your hand isn't moving all over your desk trying to find it, nor does it need cleaning as often. I use Logitech, but the choice is yours.

I am not discussing Art tablets, because, by the time you buy one, you already have someone on staff, who can use it better than you.

Next, where your brain meets your computer...the keyboard

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