Why I will Never, Ever, Spend another Dime in Office Max as Long As I live!

I have an Office Max about a mile from my home office. I went there early one morning specifically to get a chair to rest my butt as I worked as a pixel mechanic.

I went in and started sitting in chairs. chairs with wheels, without wheels, with arms, without arms.. you get the idea. I spent almost an hour trying out chairs, to get what i wanted.

I finally arrived at a decision, and like all the superstores, if it is bigger than a breadbox, there is a ticket you present to the cashier, and hopefully get your stuff.

Trembling with anticipation, I made my way to the counter, with my ticket, in my sweating palm. I presented my ticket to the young lady, who checked the inventory, and with a bright smile informed me that they had 4 in stock, and it would be just moments, and I would soon be sitting in my new chair.

She called Carlos in the back to bring my prize forward. 10 minutes went by, ........15 minutes........20 minutes...... I asked her where my chair was. She called Carlos again, only to find out that the inventory was wrong, and they didn't have any of my chairs in stock.

"Okay", I said,"Why don't you sell me the floor model? After all, if you don't have any more, the next person won't have to wait quite so long." This was a new idea requiring a paridigm shift, and the assistance of the store manager.

When the manager arrived, I asked him the same question. "No," he said, "It's the Floor model."

"Listen" I replied,"I have spent over 45 minutes to decide to buy this chair, I have waited almost that long to find out you don't have anymore of these in stock, I have my money right here, and I will even pay the 10 buck assembly fee, to buy this chair."

"No," he said, "It's the Floor model."

"Wait a minute, here. I want to be sure that I am understanding this. I am here with cash in hand, wanting to buy this chair, spend 10 bucks more, and make your life easier by not having to have this conversation with the next person who might come in and want the same chair."

"No," he said, "It's the Floor model."

So I took my butt and went to Staples, 5 miles away.

New store, new chairs, same drill, sit, twist, up and down, round and round.

After another 45 minutes, I reach a decision. However this time, I went to the manager first. I explained what I had been doing for the last 45 minutes in his store and told him the tale about Office Max.

He laughed, and said,"Did you find a chair you like?" "Yep, this one right here."

He took the chair up to the register, rung it up, gave me a 10% discount, since it was a floor model, and helped me get it into my car.

Staples has a website that I will probably not use, just so I can go to the brick and mortar store, to be sold stuff by folks that understand what business is all about.