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Software for pixel mechanics. Building websites means everyone who knows how to View Source, will know what you think you know.

Software is one of the strangest products on the planet. It is Never done, It can do real bad things to your computer, and you can't wait to get the latest version.

To be a pixel mechanic, you will need software. Ya gotta write the code, make the images, optimize the photos, and Check Your Work!

You will need an Editor to build websites. I am splitting up the discussion on Images into two areas, graphics and photos, as they require different methods of attack to provide a cohesive site. Graphics are the images you create and use for navigation, like buttons, rules, banners and other images to provide information. Photos are images from the real world, that you manipulate to present on the website for your clients.

writing the code

the programs for making websites
basics tools software work destinations home