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tools or thinking "inside the box"

You will need a toolkit.

Your journey along the road to fame and glory will involve the inside of computers. First your own, then your friends, then your clients. You do not NEED to know anything in this section, but it will help as you grow and prosper.

As you develop your skills, you will need to Upgrade. This can be as simple as putting the CD for your new whiz-bang program in, and letting it install itself, to adding memory, video and other types of cards to your machine, to building new machines.

You may be called upon to do these things for your clients. You will be called upon to load and explain software programs, demonstrate their use, why defragging their hardrive is a good idea, perform transplant surgery, and in extreme cases, lobotomies. (if windows is your platform of choice, you will be surprised just how many times a good lobotomy will make problems disappear.) I can't talk about Macs, because I don't own one yet.

Having a working knowledge of the inside of the box, will help you when you get to the point in your career where you need to outsource hardware work.

The primary reason to have a working knowledge of the inside of the box is being able to determine if your hardware guys/gals know what they are talking about. Because if they don't, it's gonna be your day in the barrel. That's right, you will have to fix it. You have a real hard time coding when you are up to your butt in a machine you know nothing about.

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basics tools software work destinations home