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Your mission is to translate your clients business to the web.

Period....end of story.....bottom line.....final answer.

If you have any other ideas on your role, you will not be a pixel mechanic very long.

A lot of the things that you will do to pursue this goal, on the surface have nothing to do with designing the sites you build. Make no mistake, you will learn that this profession requires commitment, long hours, a real chance of failure and more time learning new technologies and techniques, than you imagine.

Building websites requires that you have an understanding of what your client does for a living.

You need to know what the client is offering for sale. You need to determine coverage. Local, Regional, National or Worldwide.

Is the site an enhancement to other advertising efforts? Is the site a springboard to becoming a larger company in its industry? Are they attempting to become the largest?

By now there are hundreds of websites that are offering the same or similar goods and services as your client.

I buy the Sunday Newspaper every week. I buy it to read one column. Harvey Mackay.

Harvey Mackay sells envelopes for a living. He is also the best writer about sales and business I have found. I think enough of him to offer his books here.

working for the man, or "you want me to do what?"
basics tools software work destinations home