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October 2003
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Starting out

In thinking about presenting information for this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to start your tour with a chair. If you spend any amount of time here, you will need to be comfortable. Remodeling is physical, dirty, stressful, and will having you using muscles you do not know you possess. Let’s start with your computer chair.

the chair [buttus comfortus]

In the beginning you will spend an enormous amount of time wrapping your mind around new concepts, materials and methods.

Since you are still here, we will start with the basics……..
the first item we will examine is your ability to multi-task.

Take your hand off the mouse/keyboard, stand up and step back.
Look at what you are sitting on,
does it look at all like the picture below?


If not, run or drive and get a chair at least this good. You will need it!

This baby features:

  • 5 dual wheel swivel casters
  • Adjustible Height
  • Backrest height and swivel control
  • A very comfy seat
  • Arm rests that adjust with Positive Stops

This chair was about 150 bucks at Staples. If you would like to know why I will never ever again shop at Office Max, I will tell you.

At a minimum, you will need a chair that adjusts up and down, has adjustable arm rests, and will allow you to lean back when you are at a stopping point in a project, and just have to get away from the mess.

remodeling for geeks

How you live and your environment is as important as your skill and equipment in the digital world.

geeks are known for wonderful things. construction is not at the top of the list. the head lemur has decided that for all the help he has received over the years from folks on computers and pixel mechanics, he will share what he knows about construction and remodeling.

this will not be a theoretical discussion, but a down and dirty show and tell account about ripping out walls, building things, controlling the insanity, cleaning up the mess, details, and practices with real life examples ripped from the life of the head lemur.

bon appetit.