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May 2005
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Light Fixture Mounting

As part of the disaster from One of Those Days, the kitchen ceiling is going to be replaced. This is a photo of what the last guy did when he remodeled.
The ceiling box is attached to a cheap ass mounting bracket. These are used all over to set the electric boxes in tract houses all over the country. If you never plan to install a ceiling fan or hang a fixture that has more than one bulb, this is probably okay.

These brackets are not made for the homeowner, they are used to reduce the labor in building houses and you will never see them, unless of course you have a disaster, or you are having a custom home built.

I am going to replace this turkey with wood backing so that I can install a 4 bulb 4′ florescent light in my kitchen. I will also be installing backing in both the joist spaces on either side of this location. Being able to screw the fixture into solid wood is a good thing.

The next owner will thank me.

2 comments to Light Fixture Mounting

  • Tod Smith

    I am wanting to hang a ceiling fan/light in my living room. I have a 10 ft. vaulted ceiling with the electical box directly in the center of the peak. Assuming this box is capable of supporting the fan (I have to check that out) how can I hang said fan/light since the mounting ring won’t fit flush – due to the angle of the ceiling on both sides.

    I have two ideas: 1) build it out by nailing 2x4s to the ceiling joists, hang an appropriate box, then sheetrock around it, thus creating a small flat box in the top of the ceiling vault…
    2) move the installation down a little bit and do a standard sloped ceiling installation.

    Are there any other creative ideas you have, or places you could refer me to to figure this out?



  • Lauri (I want to do the same thing, too)

    Did you get any info on this? My electrician says that there is a triangular piece of heavy plastic that is used to fit into most pitches (ours is a 4-12) but I’ll be damned if I can find anyone who sells the #$*@%! piece of plastic – he says it fits into any pitch…