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June 2006
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Fireplace Facelift

This is an old tired Fireplace. Blah Brick, brown paneling, tired shelving with Target wrought iron brackets.

Here is the deal. Rip out the paneling, build a a new front, wall to wall, toss in some storage, tile the mantle, and build some cushions, to sit on top of the new storage units.
Here is step one, pull the shelving and brackets, remove the paneling, and see what needs to be done to the wall. The bad news is they used expandable anchors, and the guy doing the demo was more enthusiastic than careful. Big gaping holes, paper rips, and separation from the glue holding the paneling in place. The good news is they glued the paneling, so there aren’t a bazillion paneling nails to track down.

Using drywall knives to scrape the dried glue as close to the wall as possible we use ‘speed set’ to fill in the holes and cover the worst of the dings and divots in the wall. But wait! there are two electric outlets that need to be moved. We also move the outlet boxes above where our storage units are, and patch the holes.


In building the storage sitting units, we have the front of the mantle and its depth to give us a rough measurement for building the storage units. So we put together the storage units. Then we decide that we need to move the outlets into the face of the storage units. The electrician will be over in a couple of days to do this. So we are in a situation where we can only go so far forward. Remodeling is like that.


So we skim coat the walls smooth. This coat brings up the paper bubbles where the paper has separated from the drywall, and can’t be seen until you get a coat of mud up. Using ‘speed set’ mud allows you to find and cure these problems in the same day. You need a number of thin coats, as you have to cut the bubbles out and mud them in to get a semi smooth surface.

Having mudded, and sanded, mudded and sanded, we put a coat of primer,”Kilz” in this case, to prevent bleed through of any of the dyes from the spray paint, and the glue that held the paneling in place.
While we are waiting for the electrician, we will prime the storage units and wait until the tile guy is done with his work before the finish coats of paint.

The Toolshed Episode 3

Well that didn’t take long…..
We installed shelving below the end counter, so the compressor has a place to rest, and the big battery operated tool cases are conveinently placed.

Now that there is a place for things, the clutter should subside.
On the left we installed a shelf above the top of the doors. This is one of those areas that gets overlooked. This is perfect for stuff you only very infrequently.