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August 2006
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Other Guy or Next Guy

Jeanne at House in Progress noted:

no one will prep a worksite as carefully as the person who has to clean the house.

This is so true on so many levels.
Remodeling projects from simple painting to building additions all have things that need to be done, in order for you to grin like an idiot when you are done, releasing endorphins and giving you that warm buzz, and not have folks laugh at you.

In remodeling, which I have mentioned is biblical in terms of one project ‘begating’ another, you will become one of two types of remodeler.
Other Guy or Next Guy. This is a gender neutral designation.

Other Guy is the person who does the minimum necessary, and will cut corners, thinking that the Other Guy will work around or fix the problem. There are a hell of a lot of Other Guys working on houses all over. Not just carpenters, drywallers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and all the other ‘trades’ that are involved in houses, but there are quite a few Architects here also.

Next Guy is the person who not only knows their job but will also look ahead to make sure that the Next Guy can do their job.

You really want to be a Next Guy.

The Home Impediment Store Problem – Cocoa and Marshamallows

Home Improvement Stores exist to take normal rational folks and lead them down the dark path to Remodeling.
In a lot of cases they are Home Impediment Stores. I shop at Home Depot and Lowes, when I have to.
Their web sites suck. Here is a posting on my adventures looking for fibreglass insulation. Read the comments, I am not the lone ranger here.
So you end up driving across town, to pickup tools, supplies and other enablers for your remodeling problem. Which breeds other problems.
The Cocoa and Marshallow Problem
Cocoa and Marshallows go together like peanut butter and jelly, washer and dryer, Rogers and Hammerstein, with one important difference. They are never found next to each other.
Next time you are in the grocery store, going down the aisle of drygoods like flour, starch, sugar, baking powder, you will find cocoa. No, the powdered mixes with freezed dried marshallows do not count. You are a remodeler, not a convienence junky. You wouldn’t be remodeling if you were.

The Marshallows, on the other hand are usually hiding on the bottom shelf on another aisle under the jello mixes. Weird but true. This is simular to the 10 hotdog, 8 bun problem. I’ve asked lots of store managers why, and have never received any sort of answer than it’s just the way it’s done.

Now that you understand this subtle but important distinction, we can move on to Home Impediment.
A lot of tools have parts that need replacements and or accessories, that are needed to make them useful over time. One such tool is the Straight Line Laser Level 30. 20 bucks, shoots a beam of light so you can make things level or plumb, over long distances.

It has a couple of spirit level vials to help you do this. You can do angles if you have a known starting point and a protractor. They are next to the Levels, Squares, both framing and angle. This is the Cocoa.

On the left side is a little foam tab. See it?

This is the Marshmallow. This unit works with these little foam pads that are double stick tape. They are made by 3M. These are useful twice, maybe three times. So you need more. You would think that replacement parts and accessories would be next to these so that you could just buzz in and get more. But NOOOOOO!!!!

I involved the woman who was working the tool department, and the stocker for the department, who for whatever reason are different people. It was my lucky day as they were both there.

A hunt was mounted as they were able with their own eyes to confirm that the tape strips were not next to the lasers. It ranged along the laser Isle, across the store to tape measures, and finally to the end of the nuts and bolts hardware aisle, at the bottom of the ‘velcro’ display.
Cocoa and Marshallow and Home Impediment.