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August 2006
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Door Dance and Waterfall 2

On our last episode, we were waiting for the door guy to install his track.
Here it is. The tank for the waterfall is made, the electricity is in, the glass is in storage, the awful wrought railing is gone, and we are ready to drywall the holes left over from the track installation. I have already taped the face of the track off, as it already has a finish on it.

Here is a closeup of the header on the stairwell. This is also the first challenge. We need to change the slope of this opening, so that the bottom of the drywall is at the same horizontal elevation as the ceiling when viewed from the kitchen. The other issue is that we cannot drill through the track to attach blocking.

Here is the underside looking north toward the stairs. As you can see, this equated speed as progress. This is one of the Other Guy / Next Guy deals

Here is the track looking south. These guys didn’t think about the drywaller. There was about two hours of carpentry to get blocking in here to have something to attach the drywall. Yes it is a small space, and you might think that all you need to do is bang up a couple of firring strips. Consider the owner whacked an opening, the track guy just put in what he needed, and left the drywaller to make them look good. I have to provide blocking to support the drywall, and the ‘L’ metal which will form the detail for the ceiling and track.

Here is the underside looking north over the stairwell with the drywall in place. Just to the left of center is the cornerbead I managed to salvage, eliminating having to recut,frame, and drywall the corner. What is not apparent from this photo, is the drywall piece over the stairwell, which I backcut at 45 degrees so I could maintain a straight line for the “L'” metal that will form the finish detail for the drywall where it meets the ceiling track.

Here is a closer view. There are a lot of little angles and pieces that have to meet and work.

Looking north the tape in on and the ‘L” metal is attached on one side. It is easier to run the tape and then the metal after the tape is on and before the second and other coats of mud.

Here is the back side of the track with a small piece of L metal. This track doesn’t have an endcap so the details are important.

Here is the “L”metal that will span the track from the stairwell wall to the end of the track. I have split the metal and bent the flange to around 45 degrees to cover the angle portion over the stairwell.

Here is the stairwell with the metal, tape and cover coats.

Here is the underside with the metal and cover coat.

Here is the detail at the stairwell where the old meets the new. Touch of sanding, a little orange peel in a can, and it will be ready for paint.