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August 2006
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Door Dance and Waterfall 3

The Door Glass is in and Mounted. The glass is a 3/8” thick panel with a raised surface called ‘Rain”

Rolls smooth as silk. There is some temporary materials in place for sizing.
The stainless waterfall reservoir is in place.

My name is Alan the head lemur and I am a remodeler.

My name is Alan and I am a remodeler. There, I have admitted it. I thought that I could stop.

I spent my childhood around carpenters and cabinetmakers. I spent my early adult life building, painting and remodeling, where I learned to build houses, cabinets, commercial buildings, from foundations to trim, including framing, eclectrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, drywall, siding, roofing, insulation, drywall, taping, painting, tile, carpeting, and details.

I moved to Arizona and managed to kick drugs and alcohol. I even stopped working construction, by getting a job in a millwork company, running a panel saw. I got married and bought a brand new trailer. I thought I was free.

I quit the millwork business and went into the wrecking yard business. A new career with new things to learn, and different tools and about as far from wood as you could get, in the same universe.

The call was too strong. I remodeled my boss’s house.

I changed careers. I went into the bodyshop business. I thought I was free. I thought that this was my salvation. The call was too strong. I remodeled my new bosses’ other business location.

We bought a house. I left the bodyshop business. I sold my mechanics tools. I made a clean break, letting the dealer work on my cars from major service to oil changes, and became a web designer/pixel mechanic.

Finally a career that required no more tools than my brain, a computer and an internet connection. I thought that This was the change that would stop me from cruising building supplies stores looking at materials, fixtures and hardware. I stopped my subscriptions to Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking. I read computer magazines.

No, I fell off the wagon with a whimper. It was just a little paint. Little projects around the house, minor catastrophies. But I was spending more time on the internet. Maybe too much. My marrige cratered so it became walls, enclosures, additions, landscaping, drywall, ductwork, electricity, plumbing, counters, cabinets, and more painting.

I moved into the house I am in now because it was clean and did not need to be fixed up. I thought that I was free and clear. The very first thing I did was to go to the building supply store and buy material, and enclose part of the carport so I had a place to put my remodeling tools.
I installed two security doors, and put my tools away.

I didn’t see it. Really! I thought that I was done and I could devote myself to the internet and this blog, offering pithy observations about what folks were doing with this shiny new toy.

I was happy, secure in the knowlege that I hadn’t picked up a hammer in months. I even blogged for dollars, thinking that I was on my way to having my life revolve around the cool glow of the monitor, the subtle clicking of my keyboard, the attentions of my 17 loyal readers and my dogs.

I thought I was free and clear. I hadn’t been in the tool shed in months. I was even thinking about getting rid of my tools. Silly Me.

Then I had one of those days.

I should have stopped with doing the minimum cleanup. I tried calling folks to do the repairs. I really did. I opened the tool shed and it was like coming home after a long tough day. My tools were sitting in the racks I had bought for them, sitting in the places I had put them, quietly regarding me with a silent quiver of anticipation that I would pick them up and put them to work. Yes, folks we are gonna do a little work around the casa lemurzone.

I settled with the insurance company, and began making lists. I made a few calls and got some friends over to help me with stuff that really needs two folks. I thought I could stop at repairing the ceilings and painting.

The call is too strong.

I have an office set up, that I am using to compose this, and in the back of my mind, at some point I was considering enclosing the carport, but I had thought that I would wait a few years, before I did it.

It’s really not a big project, at least in my frame of reference, having done projects whose timelines have been measured in months. Just a little bit of lumber, siding, a bit of electricity, some drywall and paint, and I will be good to go.

Oh No… I even started another blog, remodeling for geeks, to what I thought was just going be a recap of various projects I have done over the past few years, and maybe pass on some tips, ideas, observations and hard won experience. You can watch Norm, Bob, or any of the other folks who have shows on television, but you are on the internet aren’t you? Besides, I will relate mistakes, and gotchas, which are things that those folks won’t.

My name is Alan and I am a remodeler. The delusions are gone, the guilt has evaporated, and I feel grand. It is comfortable in the same way that your favorite things bring you pleasure.

Now that you know what sort of person I am, we can move on, unless of course, you have decided that home improvement is not for you.

Since I decided that I will be here for some time, and am building an office, I am going whole hog. Gonzo remodeling without the drugs and alcohol, which are contraindicated for any sort of work with power tools.

I mentioned my love affair with Light Guage Metal aka Steel Studs the other day, here and here.

I showed you the last ceiling that I created with them in the last world headquarters, well here is a peek of the progress at the current world headquarters.
This is the one thing thatI, Norm, Bob and the rest of the television remodelers agree on.
Wear EYE PROTECTION!! Make it your FIRST tool purchase. You will thank me.

Moving on…..

After the wood framing was complete on the front wall and the door is in place, it was time to consider the ceiling.
Since the ceiling and the roof share joists, this house having a ‘flat’ roof, actually it slopes for runoff during our monsoon seasons, I decided that I would racetrack or Coffer the ceiling. This allows me control of placement of vents, wires, and fixtures. The nice thing about remodeling is that within limits, you can control your entire little universe. This is not a bad thing.

This is looking at the ceiling construction along the inside wall.

This is an oblique view including part of the front door.


This is a view of the current west wall. The lowest level is at the same elevation as the top of the window. This will wash the ceiling in the afternoon.

Admittedly, it is a little hard to see the various levels, there are 3, but once I get the drywall up, things will get clearer.

It is a hell of a lot of work, especially since most folks will never see it in person, as I don’t go out much, and entertain even less. But if you are going to be in town, I will be happy to show it to you. If you really want to see it and are on the web the necessary contact details are available.

I am the head lemur and I am a remodeler.