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August 2006
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Soffit Construction

To be clear most soffits are just badly built boxes to make your kitchen cabinets look good. Usually the only thing you find in them is the duct for the fan over your stove.
They can become useful members of society.

In remodeling casa lemurzone, enclosing the carport to create an office, I needed to extend the HVAC to the new space. The closest place to get it was on the far wall in my living room, 15 feet away. So I built a soffit!
I built it out of steel studs, because I can and I love working with them, and to be able to fake flat, which is neccessary because of the age of my house.
Here is the soffit with the flex duct in place.
I purposely cut the face drywall the same size so that I could see the problem that I knew was there.
As you can see it rises quite a bit to the corner.
Faking Flat.

My solution to this is to fool the eye. I am going to racetrack the ceiling (racetracking is method of applying multiple narrow strips of drywall in layers, to create the illusion of additional space). It is a lost art as, it is labor intensive, and new home construction thinks that bullnose cornerbead is the cat’s ass.

I am only going to go one level as it is a lot of additional work.
Here is how we fool your eye. I glued thin strips of drywall in various thicknesses from the low spot of the soffit to the corners. I continued by gluing 2″ strips of drywall to the to the ceiling next to the wall to change the elevation of the wall ceiling intersection.
I then glued my 6″ racetrack strips to the ceiling with two beads of glue, one at the outside ceiling edge of the strip, and one two inches in from the wall to catch the corner of the backing I glued previously.
Which brings us to the field tested testimonial for PowerGrab construction adhesive from Loctite
Gun it press it to the ceiling and walk away. It sticks. Liquid Nails will drop, Gorilla Glue will drop, and the other adhesives that I have rejected over the years do not bear mentioning. Highly Recommended!

Which brings us to this point.
See? Looks flat! When it is finished it will fool the eye for 99% of the world. You will know, but you can keep a secret!

Once I get this finished I will create a step by step photo album of the process, so If you want to, you can.

There are other ways to add drama to a room.

Coffering is a deeper method of adding drama to a room. This was my old office, in my old house. The steps are 12″ wide and 4″ tall. The ceiling where the lights is 8′ off the floor and the ceiling at the walls is 7′.
Here is a step by step illustration