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October 2006
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Butter Cookie

That is the name of the color.
The archways and ceiling trim are Redwood, stained sealed and applied.
I know that the archways are going to take a beating, as redwood is soft. But it looks good now.

What do you mean it’s a different White?

While I am looking for color advice for the walls in my living room, I have made a design choice regarding my ceiling. It is going to be White. I am using Home Depot’s BEHR No. 558 Ultra White Ceiling Paint in a flat finish.

As you can see there are many shades of white. Where I have cut in is the Ceiling white. The previous wall and ceiling color was Glidden Professional Finish Ultra Build White, which in my opinion fails on all counts as a rolling paint. It has a gray tinge, it is a thin paint, doesn’t roll well, and requires at least 2 coats to cover. May work okay in a spray gun, but I don’t use them.

Home Depot’s Behr Brand is really great paint. It has good body, lays down well, and when properly applied covers in one coat. I haven’t used any other paint since my first can. Worth every cent you pay for it. And a lot of times it goes on sale making it an even better value.
Highly Recommended.

Orphan Tools - Basin Wrench

When you are confronted with the prospect of replacing a faucet, you need a basin wrench.

Basin Wrench
It has a spring loaded jaw, a swivel head and a sliding ‘T’ handle. All which are necessary to get this tool to do it’s job.

In the world of remodeling and home repair there are a lot of tools you need, tools you want, and tools that have a single purpose in life that you hope that you never have to add to your tool set.

The basin wrench is one of these. It has only one purpose. It tightens or loosens the nuts that attach the top of your water supply lines to the bottom of your faucets.
As you can see, the space you have to work with is very small, and no amount of cursing, or any other tool will fit into this space.

basin wrench at work
There is an alternative. In the case of drop in sinks or small vanity tops, you disconnect the supply lines just north of the shutoff valves, and the drain line at both sides of the ‘P’ trap, and remove the sink entirely from the cabinet or countertop. You can turn it over and reach everything to replace your faucets.

This has it’s perils, if you have a cast iron sink, or a one piece counter and sink arrangement. The bathroom sinks are not too bad to do this way. The kitchen sink with a garbage disposal adds another level of complexity to the mix.

You will probably need a basin wrench.