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August 2007
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Remodeling Porn – Taunton Press

Remodeling is just like sex. You want to do it all the time, you want to do it well, and you fantasize about it when you can’t. You don’t have to admit it here, I can see your face reddening and your head gently nodding. Yeah it’s that good!

The nice thing about remodeling is that so many people are doing it and have no shame or guilt. Like sex, when you can’t remodeling, you think about it. There are literally thousands of books and magazines written about it.
Most are crap. But there is some real good remodeling porn available. Taunton Press started life with fine Woodworking and moved into Fine Homebuilding magazines. They have recently published a new series of books that are hardcore and will make you sweat and tremble.

Pop Quiz! You have 20 bucks to spend. Do you buy some paint? Do you buy some drywall? Or do you spend that money buying one of these? Answer below…

The Idea Book Series

FamideaThe Family Home Idea Book covers various rooms around the house from the public to the private. It has a lighter touch as it covers more rooms. Beautifully Photographed and well balanced. Highly Recommended

Taunton’s Family Home Idea Book

Kitidea The Kitchen Idea book is filled with pictures and useful guides to remodeling your kitchen. This is not a how to book but is rather the best designs and information about them. From store bought, custom, to handbuilt, the pictures are alone worth the price. But it goes further into some of the design considerations of various materials and techniques, explaning the pros and cons of various choices. Beautifully Photographed and well balanced. Highly Recommended

New Kitchen Idea Book

BathideaThe Bathroom Idea Book is all about the bathroom from flooring to fixtures. Wall coverings, floor coverings, lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling. Beautifully Photographed and well balanced. Highly Recommended

The Bathroom Idea Book

WorkideaThe Home Workspace Idea Book is all about the home office. Corners to Cabins. Tuck away and Center. Beautifully Photographed and well balanced. Highly Recommended

Taunton’s Home Workspace Idea Book

Pop Quiz answer..
Buy them all!

Bathroom Pocket Door 4 – Semi-Final

The Bathroom Pocket Door Project has been semi-final for some time. Life happened.
Here are the Previous Episodes: Bathroom Pocket Door 1 Bathroom Pocket Door 2 Bathroom Pocket Door 3
So here is the semi-final…
Hall View

Here is the door from the hallway. Door is in, trim is done on the right, the left is still open as there is still stuff in the hall and rooms beyond to address. Semi Final as when time and money permit I am replacing this slab with one with rippled glass in it. Hallway is dark.

Corner View

Here is the door from another angle. This shows a little more detail, although the rounded cornerbead doesn’t show up all that well. And for the most part it is trim less. I have trim in the living room.
On the right is the top of my new linen cabinet. Yes it is a 5 drawer full suspension Lateral file cabinet. 75 bucks at the local Habitat for Humanity store. They retail for around 600 bucks. It is a legal depth cabinet so the big towels and sheets sets fit just fine. It’s called recycling.

Detail View

Here is a better view of the round cornerbead in action. I liked installing, mudding and the final result enough that I am going to round bead this side of the house as I remodel the rest of it.
In smaller houses or even in bigger houses, pocket doors give you more space. The hinge lobby can make coat hooks:)