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September 2007
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The Walk In Closet Project – Episode 5

The Walk In Closet Project is moving along…..
Sound Control
Adding sound control on the north wall which is the party wall for the guest bathroom is installed with 1” styrofoam glued and screwed to the wall. This is in response to the noise of plastic plumbing in the wet wall and the lack of insulation and shimming of the pipe during the original construction.

Note: Plastic Pipe used for waste drain and vent, will rattle if not secured. It is annoying more than anything else, and only takes a few moments to secure and insulate during construction.

In adding depth to the wall, it is important to remember to use extenders on the outlet and switch boxes, to provide secure electrical connections and reduce the risk of fire or damage. You will also need longer screws to penetrate the wall, foam, wall assembly to secure the new drywall. In this case we are using 2 1/2” screws as we have a 1/2” of original drywall, 1” of new foam, and 1/2” of new drywall. You will also need longer screws for your electric boxes.

New drywall
We have drywalled our foam wall as well as framing and drywalling the old doorway. One of the last minute changes we made was to frame an opening in the old doorway, so the client who does stained glass can build a panel to provide some more natural light in this hallway. If you look at the photo above and this one you can see where we framed out opening in, and then decided to make it longer.
We are using paper tape for the new work, and mesh tape for the transition between the new drywall and the existing drywall, which has a heavy knockdown texture. I am using a lot of speed set on this job as there are elevation issues on the floors and walls. It works much better for the sort of fill in, as you can mix it much thicker than premixed mud and you can do multiple coats in a single day which saves time.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
We wanted to save the mirrors we removed from the south wall. I called my glass guy, and we were successful in re cutting and remounting the mirrors in various locations.
The mirror sizing and spacing were dictated by the outlet on the left side of the window and the closet rough opening number. We will be using 24” door blanks as partitions and shelving materials. Cost effective and low impact. More on that in a few days.
Mirror, Mirror in the Hall
We put the other mirror in the hallway. This decision is what led to re routing the air conditioning ducts and return air, which was on the bottom of that wall. It also allowed us to eliminate the soffit in the bedroom and in the guest bath. Plus removing the return air plenum in the new closet, shortening the wing wall in the closet, gaining more efficiency for the ac system, moving the scuttle, and adding drama to the hall.
The hall appears to be about 90 miles long….
I’m off to mud more…