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October 2007
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The Walk In Closet Project Episode 10

The Walk In Closet Project is racing toward paint.

Here is our first look at the closet entrance

Here is the closet entrance today. The cabinets are in, the hollow core door dividers and shelves are in, the brackets for the clothes rods are in and spackled using DAP Pink Stuff. The shoe shelf has been placed on the left.

The shoe shelf verticals are manufactured 12” shelf material with 1” on center holes, and edge banded on one side. The shelves areĀ  manufactured poly particle board shelves cut to length. The uprights are glued to the wall with Powergrab. I built the walls square and plumb, the tapers laid a consistent texture, we did a very good job of painting, and you will literally have to destroy the wall to get these things off the walls.

This is a cost effective solution, especially if you factor in the labor for designing, cutting, assembling, and finishing a custom unit with a back and finished sides.

We also completed the door and base trims, as this room will be carpeted. We also eliminated the toe kicks under the oak cabinets on the other side of the opening so we have an easy to clean area without weird jogs and small places for dirt and dust to hide.

There are a few details left, like patching the holes in the floor from the old walls and the holes from the tackless carpet strips.

Yes this is one of those little annoying details that you never see described on the home and garden shows.

The photo above shows some of these. You could forget this step, but I wouldn’t advise it. You may get by with 60 dollar a yard carpet, with a real good backing, but just as sure as you walk on the bottoms of your feet, you will walk on the holes, and over time destroy your carpet.

If you use economy grade carpet, it will almost happen in front of your eyes.

You can spend a few minutes doing this yourself, or you will end up paying the carpet guys a lot of money to do this, as they will not install carpet on a ‘holy’ floor, nor will your warranty be any good.

The end game

( I have mentioned on various occasions that remodeling is almost biblical in nature with one thing begatting another. For those of you less comfortable with the spiritual, think of it like a virus, spreading from one area to another)

The photo below looks amazing like the 2nd photo above. It is, but if you look closely into the doorway, you will see another doorway. Behind that doorway lurks……….

the master bathroom! Oh yes, that is where the current end game is. The Walk In Closet Project is merely the prelude to remodeling the master bath. Hidden in the master bath is a closet full of clothes that must move to remodel that room.

The Master Bath Project will have some surprises, which in remodeling are a mixed bag, but it is where the endorphins come from.

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